old-car-in-the-shadowWe are the home of only the best car and bike customizers in town. We do it from repairs, to custom paints, to building it from scratch. We even have towing services anytime you need it. No matter what time you call, we’ll make you our priority. No problem is not solvable for us because we are simply the best and we continue to be.

Car and bike handling requires expertise. Some problems is not simply solvable by DIY’s. Doing so, would just cost you more damage and possible injury if you do not have any adept knowledge.

By booking your appointment with Car Guy’s Garage, you’ll benefit from years of experience and expertise in doing all types of services that has to with bikes and cars. Whatever the brand, you have it covered.

Our technicians are widely knowledgeable and have been working on cars and bikes for years. Thus, no matter what your concerns are, we are the only experts that can handle it. Time and time again, we remain to be the most-sought after car and bike service in town. People trust us to do the right thing when it comes to their rides and we never disappoint. Vehicles are serious investments so we only assure our customers that theirs are handled with great care.

Anytime you call, we’ll arrive immediately to your aid. We are the solution to emergency towing needs. For cars that are not starting, we do home service for you. We work under your garage doors in Peoria AZ any time you need. We’ll treat your concerns will urgency and as if it is our own. That is how we continue to establish rapport with our customers. The good service and satisfaction we leave them makes us their first to call in times of their needs.

Call us know and experience only the best car and bike customization and repair needs you deserve.