• Ron's 30 Coupe

    Ron's Improved 31 Model A is just about as 'Hot Rod' as it gets! A Hot Rod A model. Styling clues from a sticker with help from the past.
  • Justin's 29 A Pickup

    Justin's little 29 truck. Built from a Tudor. The story of a Rat Rod gone wrong.
  • The Piping Hot Kombi

    It simple, take a rusted out, dust filled 67 Splitty, and turn it into the focus of a nation wide advertising campaign.
  • Mark Apap's Coupe

    After a little discussion, Mark sent the body and original chassis over to have a some sill repairs, a tunnel and boot floor installed. On arrival we could see why Mark had choosen to build a new rolling chassis.
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Welcome to the Car Guys Garage website. We realise it as been a long time coming, Hopefully there's something of interest on here for each of you.

We  now feel we are at a stage where we can properly look after the website with regular updates. Hopefully this will allow everyone to see what's going on inside the "Garage".

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