Car Guy’s Garage was established in 2009, having taken over from local hot rudder Peter Gough’s ‘Toprodz’. Just 7 years later, we already hammered the name into a well-known one-stop-shop for car and bike needs.

Car Guy’s Garage is made up of not a single entity but a team of car and bike enthusiasts who work together for a common passion – to build a better ride for our customers. We are not super car builders or elite level craftsman, but our dedication and hard work enable us to bring a high level of workmanship to every job we take on.

We never leave any customer hanging and needing. We make sure every job was done to our customer satisfaction. As a proof, we remain to be the most sough-after car and bike customizer in the country.

Car Guy’s Garage team is composed of people who have years of practice working on bikes and cars – some even have experienced working on race cars. They specialize on repairs and customization, not to mention maintenance that allows your rides to work smoothly. From customize paint, to installation of airbags, to building a car and a bike from scratch, we have the right people for you. We are well-equipped to handle any automobile brand and we have the right tools to fix it in a way that you would enable you to maximize your investment.

Whether you are into car racing or you just want an additional charm and boost to your every day ride, we’ll make it happen. We install any accessory and booster you want. We work fast that you can even sit down and chat with us while we work. We know how important it is to have a smooth ride that we make sure you have it pronto. We’ll even conduct free inspection to check if everything is working accordingly. We can do it in your own garages, under the beauty of your garage doors for your convenience.

We value your trust with us. Thus, we offer you the same respect by ensuring your safety whenever you are on the road. We never overlook any details. As such, you are assured that you in safe hands.

Visit Car Guy’s Garage or call now and bear witness to the number one car and bike customization service in town.